3C-Carbon-Trainees once again with outstanding achievements
Almost traditionally, the 3C-Carbon-Group AG can be happy about an exceptionally good performance by it’s trainees. At the „Freisprechungsfeier 2017“ (the traditional ceremony on completion oft the apprenticeship) several young people were honored for their outstanding work.
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Once again, the future carpenters at 3C drew attention to themselves. In the presence of deputy county commissioner Ulla Kurz, Tobias Bader received the „Bayerischer Staatspreis“ (the official State award for Handcraft) and was also awarded 2nd place in the competition „Die gute Form“ (The good shape“). His work collegue Christoph Laumer, also a carpenter, received a commendation for his work in the section „Die gute Form.“

In a very different field Stephanie Borys stood out. The young industrial saleswoman, who now also completed her apprenticeship at the 3C Carbon Group, received a recognition certificate from the district government for her excellent vocational school achievements.

3C Managing Director Karsten Jerschke was again more than satisfied with the performance of his employees. "In a dynamically growing high-tech company, which sets standards for excellence both nationally and internationally, hardly anything is as important as good offspring. That is why we see the recurrent very good results – which our trainees keep delivering for years – also  as a confirmation of the path we have taken."

As a sign of an even greater commitment in this area, 3C Carbon Group AG will soon open a new apprenticeship training center in the Lechrain industrial park south of Landsberg am Lech.

The 3C Carbon Group is a rapidly expanding company in the development and manufacturing of high-tech fiber composite structures for automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and aerospace. Since it’s establishment in 1993 the company group has always placed great emphasis on qualified junior employees and employs trainees in various apprenticeships.

Eleven employees celebrate their 10th anniversary at 3C-Carbon
13 years ago, the 3C-Carbon Composite Company GmbH was founded and is on a continuous – and widely remarkable – growth course since then.
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By that time, first traditions and anniversaries have formed. Quite a number of long-serving employees have witnessed this timespan and helped forming the success. Eleven of them, from almost all work areas at the 3C-headquarters in Landsberg am Lech, now celebrated their 10th anniversary together with company founder and CEO Karsten Jerschke. On this occasion they received not only 2 cakes (baked by the company’s chefs) but also a not insignificant financial bonus from the employer. Karsten Jerschke: „This is one way of showing our gratitude for our employee’s loyalty and high engagement. It does not go without saying and makes us proud that so many of them went this way with us in our still young company – and will keep going it –, always with exceptional enthusiasm and eagerness.”

3C-Carbon Group AG Becomes New Main Sponsor of HC Landsberg

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is significantly expanding its support for the leading sports club in the company’s local area of Landsberg am Lech. During the Ice Hockey Bayernliga team HC Landsberg’s recent derby against ECDC Memmingen, it was possible to announce the signing of a multi-year sponsorship agreement.

The almost 2000 spectators who came to Landsberg Eishalle greeted the promising commitment with applause. 3C has thus become exclusive sponsor of both TSV Landsberg and HC Landsberg for the coming years.

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More information can be found in the joint press release from 3C-Carbon and HC Landsberg:

The 3C-Carbon Group Ltd is making another significant commitment to the town of Landsberg. The dynamically growing high-tech company from the south of the city will for several years starting with the 2017/18 season be the exclusive main sponsor of the ice hockey club HC Landsberg. The respective contract was signed by 3C chair Karsten Jerschke and HCL board members Markus Haschka and Frank Kurz before the play-off home game against ECDC Memmingen. With this outstanding commitment, 3C is doing more than just supporting the successful Bayernliga team of the Riverkings. It’s also expressly acknowledging the club’s outstanding youth development work.

Karsten Jerschke (Chair of the
 3C-Carbon Group AG)

“We have been watching HC Landsberg for a long time and we are impressed with the work that is being done here. Within a few years, and via solidarity, excellence and enormous commitment, it has been possible to create new faith in ice hockey in Landsberg and to establish the Riverkings as a team with a likeable image in the top flight of an attractive sporting league. These are the skills and values which we, as a successful company, are happy to support.

As a market leader in a high-tech industry, we too know the importance of having a highly qualified and well-motivated junior team. Thanks to the excellent work of HCL in this area, Landsberg is establishing itself as a top hockey location – just as the 3C-Carbon Group is doing in the technology sector. And it’s not least for this reason that we are happy to be showing our commitment.”

Markus Haschka (1st Board Member) und Frank Kurz (Head of Marketing HC Landsberg)

“That it is the Landsberg company 3C-Carbon Group AG getting on board as main sponsor of the Riverkings is especially pleasing for us as the current board of HC Landsberg.
Operating with regional roots – the path pursued in sports – is something which we can continue to pursue together with the new main sponsor.
In particular, the fact that a long-term partnership was being sought here is something unbelievably important for us as a club, so we can continue to plan in a solid and local way and to push ahead with further positive sporting developments.
HC Landsberg is looking forwards to a long-term and sustainable partnership with the renowned 3C-Carbon AG company, so that we can continue to build on recent years of successful work together.


About HC Landsberg e.V.:

HC Landsberg was founded in 2008 by 25 ice hockey fans and former Landsberg players. Now, in the junior department alone, more than 400 kids in a total of six age groups are active in figure skating and skating training. The club employs a full-time youth coach and 12 volunteer or part-time trainers, most of whom also played themselves for many years in Landsberg. The senior team, the Riverkings, has reached the playoffs of the Ice Hockey Bayernliga in each of the last two years.


Foundation of the club: 17 December 2008
Number of members: over 650
Departments: Ice hockey (seniors and 6 junior classes), figure skating, skiing school (at the Landsberger Ice Hockey Association)

“Fire on Ice” with HOREX at the Snowdance Festival

The 4th edition of the Snowdance independent film festival is breaking all previous records. The number of films shown, the number of prominent actors and the number of screening locations are higher than ever, and the running time will be three times longer than in previous years. The reactions of the citizens of Landsberg allow only one conclusion: the city is “burning” with excitement. In spite of the icy temperatures in the last few weeks, everybody is on fire: Snowdance 4.0 = “Fire on Ice”!

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HOREX is honouring this exceptional situation with a second, extravagant special model of its new VR6 motorcycle, the Snowdance #2 / “Fire on Ice”. Even if nobody is thinking of “extinguishing” the excitement, the Snowdance #2 is equipped for all contingencies. In addition to the brilliant HOREX technology, it is, so to speak, the first “fire brigade motorcycle” of the elite manufacturer. Even at the “making of”, the enthusiasm of the makers was again enormous. The young group is passionate not only about HOREX but also other glowing ideas: “Fire on Ice” at Snowdance 4.0!

The spectacular unique specimen is being displayed during the entire festival in the gallery of the foyer of the Landsberg city theatre. The Landsberg-based company is also making a contribution once again at the awards ceremony on the final day (Sunday, 5 February). Just like in the previous year, the “HOREX Award” will be given to the best directing among all festival contributions. The prize is 2000 US dollars, making it one of the highest.

The “HOREX night of the filmmakers” on Friday, 3 February, is new in the Snowdance programme this year and is an expression of the increased commitment. Here in the hall of the Landsberg city theatre, festival co-organiser Tom Bohn will first of all introduce the directors and filmmakers who were involved in the 25 competition contributions on the official shortlist. After the talks, the “HOREX ball of the filmmakers” will be held in the upscale ambience of the theatre foyer.

For more information go to www.horex.com

3C-Carbon Group opens up a new chapter with Harley Davidson
3C-Carbon Group AG, based in Landsberg, Germany, is opening up another new chapter in the company’s history: one of the largest German branches of the American motorcycle brand Harley Davidson is currently being created in Ingolstadt under the direction of the subsidiary “3C-American Motorcycles GmbH”.
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The starting shot has already been fired and construction is in full swing on Marie-Curie-Strasse, in the immediate vicinity of the popular outlet centre “Ingolstadt Village” in the east of the city. Even the defusing of an aircraft bomb from WWII near the company premises did not cause any changes to the timetable. In addition, the search for employees is progressing at full speed, as the plan is to open in the spring of 2017.

A spectacular array awaits customers, interested persons and visitors, covering not only the complete model range of the cult American brand. Anyone who goes to Harley Davidson in Ingolstadt can experience the entire bandwidth of this special world. Across more than 2,500 square metres, in addition to the large showroom, the next few months will see the creation of a boutique for numerous matching textiles and accessories, a Harley cafe, an extensive department for accessories, merchandising articles, care products and much more.

“It’s no coincidence that Harley Davidson has experienced a major boom in the last few years,” according to Managing Director Karsten Jerschke. “Like almost no other brand, the company is not only defined by its products but also stands for a compete attitude to life with them.” 3C-American Motorcycles GmbH now makes it possible to experience this in Ingolstadt, covering a blank spot that has been on the “Harley map” so far. The 3C Group is thereby adding another attractive branch to its business activities.

Additional information will be available soon on the website www.harley-ingolstadt.de

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