3C Carbon Group once again increases its support für Landsberg's multi-generation house

Also this year the 3C-Carbon Group AG supports the multi-generation house of the Landsberg AWO with a donation, in total already in the ninth year. Compared to the previous years, this time the sum was even increased to 20,000 Euros.

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"Landsberg must remain a location worth living in," stressed Karsten Jerschke, head of the 3C-Carbon Group, people should be able to actively shape their coexistence. This year, the 3C Group provided 20,000 euros to support the voluntary work in the multigenerational house.

From a functioning cooperation benefits not least the economy, which must attract and retain skilled workers. "Particularly as a company that continues to grow and will continue to grow strongly against the clearly emerging recessionary trend, we are aware of the importance of social work in society," says Jerschke. "This is one of the reasons why we have once again intensified our commitment to the multi-generational house".

Margit Däubler, head of the multi-generational house, thanked for the trust and the continued support. "Without such sponsors, the honorary office with its diverse activities would be unthinkable," she said in view of the narrow budget. "Such an increase is naturally like a Christmas present for us."

Under the umbrella of the AWO, 25 projects with almost 150 voluntary helpers are being implemented in the multigenerational house. Some activities such as the storytelling café, the choir in the AWO centre or the repair café in the youth centre celebrated a round birthday this year. 3C-CEO Jerschke congratulated and was also pleased that the Intercultural Women's Meeting Place has continued to grow and that mothers with an immigrant background are increasingly gaining a foothold in professional life. "If people with a history of flight learn German every day with dedicated godparents, the direction of their commitment is right," he noted.

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