Riverkings bring a point from Miesbach

Strong HC Landsberg loses to the hosts only in the penalty shootout.

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A mostly convincing performance was rewarded with only one point at the end. For a long time it looked as if HCL would leave the ice as the winner. Jähnichen, Mitchell and Raß had given a 3:1 lead when ex-Landsberger Slavicek conceded a goal. Miesbach put pressure in the early stages, but the Landsbergers convinced with beautiful individual performances that led to the goals.

In the second period, however, the Carciola squad lost the touch completely at times with numerous disc losses. The home side took merciless advantage of this period of weakness and from their point of view even made the 1:3 a 4:3. When hopes already seemed to be swept away, Daniel Menge once again put himself in the limelight and equalized to 4:4.

Despite a powerplay in overtime, the Riverkings did not score any more, so that both teams had to shoot for a penalty. There Dennis Sturm on the Landsberg side conjured up two spectacular successful attempts. However, he failed in his third attempt, his opponent Dusan Frosch scored in return, so that two points went to Miesbach and the Landsbergers brought home a point.

Goals for Landsberg in Miesbach: Jähnichen, Mitchell, Raß, Menge.

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