TSV Landsberg wins a point in Wasserburg

TSV Landsberg returned from their Bayernliga match in Wasserburg with a point that was not necessarily calculated. In the 1:1 (0:0) game at the fourth-placed hosts, coach Weiler's team performed well over long stretches.

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Landsberg, who had to do without Detmar and Schmeiser due to injury, gave the hosts a hard time right from the start and went into counter-pressing very early. The favourite had obvious difficulties with this and hardly had any opportunities at first. After two missed chances on each side, colour came into play in a different way shortly before the break: After losing the ball in midfield, Landsberg's Nikolic came in over-hard, which led Wasserburg's Knauer to an assault. After a brief consultation with the assistants, the referee sent both players off the field with red.

After the change of sides the focus was again on the sporting side. Salemovic served Mulas in Wasserburg's penalty area, who manoeuvred the ball into the goal for Landsberg's not undeserved lead (66.). Even though the hosts managed to equalise after a quick counterattack shortly before the end, Edgar Weiler was not dissatisfied with the score. "Not many teams get points in Wasserburg."