from left: AWO's Marga Däubler and Anke Wilk, 3C-Speaker Christoph Kruse
3C-Carbon Group donates record sum for Landsberg multi-generation house

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is again supporting the work of the AWO multi-generation house with a generous donation this year. The Landsberg-based high-tech company is providing the record sum of 25,000 euros.

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"We are touched and extremely grateful for this," says Marga Däubler from Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO). "Without the reliable and constant support of 3C, the operation of the multi-generation house in this form would not be possible."

In the MGH in Landsberg's historic town center, a wide range of social activities take place, for example, older citizens accompany newcomers to reading or support the graduation of secondary school students, senior citizens make their first excursions into the digital world, young people relieve parents as babysitters, and the Repair Café is also very popular.

This winter, the war in Ukraine with high numbers of refugees overshadows all activities. "No one should freeze" is the motto of the AWO and its MGH. "I am glad that the volunteers of the AWO immediately took care of the arriving women and children," says 3C CEO Karsten Jerschke.

The donation to the MGH, which has been increased substantially especially in times of crisis, is intended to improve the situation of those affected, at least financially. "Give recognition and actively help" is therefore the motto for this year's Christmas celebration for all those involved.

Strong weekend for HCL with five points

HC Landsberg rewarded themselves for two strong performances: The 6:5 n.V. in Höchstadt was followed by a 5:3 home win against Memmingen and with these five points they remain in the race for the Pre-Play-Offs.

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Mainly the points at the third-placed team in Höchstadt were not necessarily to be expected. In a hard-fought and exciting game, the lead changed back and forth several times. Shortly before the end of regulation time, Lavallee seemed to have put the Riverkings on the winning track with a goal to 4:5, but Höchstadt managed to equalise 5:5 seconds before the end. In overtime, Walker Sommer scored for Landsberg to make it 6-5 and bring home two points.

There, the game against Memmingen two days later did not start well for the hosts. In the derby in front of a good 1200 spectators, the Allgäu team took a 1:0 lead after only 52 seconds. However, with a lot of physical effort and fighting spirit, Landsberg managed to turn the game around. Sommer, Wagner and Gäbelein made it 3:1 in the meantime and the team did not let go of the game. In the final minute, it was Walker Sommer again who scored into the empty Memmingen goal for the final score.

This means that 10th place, which was the goal of the season, is still within reach.

Goals for the Riverkings in Höchstadt: Lavallee (2), Sommer (2), Wagner, Reuter.

Goals for the Riverkings against Memmingen: Sommer (2), Wagner, Gäbelein, Reuter

Successful apprentices and journeyman's piece of music cabinet
Excellent journeyman's piece

Traditionally, the carpenter apprentices of 3C-Carbon Composite Company GmbH shine with their journeyman's pieces. This was also the case at this year's award ceremony, which finally took place again in a festive atmosphere and with an audience; this time for the first time in the historic town hall in Landsberg am Lech.

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There was another reason for joy for the 3C-Carbon Composite Company GmbH, as one of the apprentices from the Landsberg high-tech company was one of the best graduates in carpentry. Training has always had a very high priority at 3C, which is reflected in such great graduates.

3C-Carbon at "Ausbildungsmesse Landsberg" (training fair)

This year, the 3C-Carbon Composite Company GmbH is once again represented at the large "Ausbildungsmesse Landsberg" (training fair). The high-tech company will be presenting its spectacular 3C race truck and a number of exhibits at the fairgrounds in Kaufering's Sportpark. 

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3C manufactures high-tech components made of carbon fibre according to the latest standards for national and international industry leaders in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and medical technology sectors, among others. The Landsberg-based company therefore always places the highest value on excellent training and subsequently offers the chance of being taken on as well as wide-ranging development opportunities within the 3C Group. In addition to apprenticeships for carpenters, industrial mechanics, technical draughtsmen, painters and industrial clerks (all m/f/d), 3C-Carbon Composite Company GmbH also offers the opportunity of a work placement, a bachelor's or master's thesis, dual studies or direct entry.

This year, the Landsberg training fair will take place with over 100 exhibitors from the city and district on Thursday, 29 September.2022 (5:30 - 8:30 pm) and Friday, 30 September.2022 (8:30 - 12:30 pm). Admission is free.

Riverkings successful in three test matches

Within only six days, ice hockey Oberliga team HC Landsberg played its first three test games. After victories in Grafing against Klostersee (5:3) and at home against Miesbach (7:2), they celebrated a clear 5:0 victory at their new cooperation partner ESV Buchloe.

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In the three games, it was clear that although the fine-tuning still needs to be worked on, the major deficiency from the pre-season in the offensive is not an issue at the moment - 17 goals in three games speak for themselves.

The outstanding scorer was newcomer Jason Lavallee, who scored a total of seven times; he followed up three goals in Grafing with three against Miesbach and one in Buchloe. The other goals for Landsberg were spread over many shoulders: Stauder (3), Reuter, Strodel, Neal, Wagner, Krammer, Reicheneder and Carciola all scored for the Riverkings.

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