Charvat stays with HCL - Hygiene concept takes shape

With the contract renewal of Marek Charvat, HC Landsberg has successfully completed an important position in the squad planning for the 2020/21 season. There is also progress on the hygiene concept for the restart.

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Charvat was the Riverkings' best defender in the abandoned season of the Ice Hockey Bayernliga, which was also reflected in 27 scorer points. After the summer break, the 25-year-old Czech now decided to stay with HC Landsberg in the Oberliga. "His qualities will also be very important there," says Vice-President Gerhard Petrussek. "He is well-trained technically and in running skills and he can always set decisive accents in the defense as well as in the offense."

According to President Frank Kurz, good progress is also being made in the "very constructive" negotiations with the City of Landsberg on a hygiene concept for the games in the Landsberg ice rink. Details are to be determined in the near future. Kurz: "It is important that in Landsberg health protection, which is the absolute priority, and the practice of our sport are to be reconciled." According to the current status, ice preparation can begin on September 6th.

TSV significantly strengthened for the future

TSV Landsberg is again reinforcing itself for the rest of the 2019/20 season and at the same time is working on a powerful squad for the future. Now Landsberg has managed to poach Dennis Hoffmann from FC Pipinsried.

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The 29-year-old midfielder, who has now been presented in the 3C-Sportpark, should be a real reinforcement for the Bayernliga football team. He had most recently played with Landsberg returnee Muriz Salemovic at the commanding league leaders in Pipinsried, but in the years before Hoffmann gained experience at FC Memmingen in over 120 Regionalliga games.

Edgar Weiler also played in the same position for a long time. The 30-year-old, who most recently worked as an assistant coach in Bad Grönenbach, will now be the TSV Landsberg players' coach. The previous head coach Sven Kresin will support him and will also take on new tasks as fitness specialist for the entire junior and senior football team.

The third newcomer with a Memmingen past is Sebastian Schmeiser (28). The man with the 1.92-metre yardarm can be flexibly deployed in several defensive positions.

"We are of course happy about the good name and the many connections Muriz Salemovic has in the football scene," says department head Basti Gilg. "With his help, we want to gradually complement and strengthen our team so that we don't have anything to do with relegation this season as quickly as possible and can gradually move up the ladder over the next few years." Salemovic will not only play for TSV, but will also hold the position of Sports Director.

HCL engages top scorer Hayden Trupp

The Riverkings have acquired a considerable reinforcement in the attack for the upcoming Oberliga season. From Königsbrunn, top scorer Hayden Trupp will move to Landsberg. The 28-year-old US American has already started summer training with his new team-mates.

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With an average of 2.16 points (assists and goals) per game, Trupp was one of the outstanding strikers in the Bayernliga last season. He now wants to show his qualities in the Oberliga as well. Trupp at his presentation: "Of course I want to help the team with points on the ice. In addition, we want to adapt our game to the faster pace, tactics and structure in a higher league."

That the US boy has the skills to do so has already been proven by his involvement in North America's top university league, the NCAA, where there is at least a comparable level to the German Oberliga.

Vice President Gerhard Petrussek expressed his satisfaction with the commitment. "Hayden is a fast skater and has really good hands." Trupp is a player of choice of coach Fabio Carciola, who still knows him from times spent together in Königsbrunn. "He shows a great deal of overview and understanding of the game, which will help the team in many situations", the sports director added.

Big bang: Riverkings promoted to the Oberliga!

Big bang during the summer break: After a reform of the league structure, which was initiated mainly from Landsberg, the Riverkings are promoted. In the 2020/21 season they will compete against well-known opponents in the ice hockey Oberliga Süd.

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Among others, clubs like SB Rosenheim, EV Füssen, former champion Riessersee and the old derby rival from Memmingen are waiting in the Oberliga. However, a lot of preparatory work had to be done to ensure that the promotion at the "green table" could be made a success after the aborted season, said HCL President Frank Kurz. "With a main round so far with 60 games, there were numerous Tuesday matches. It is simply impossible to play them with our team, in which almost all players have a profession and go to work on a fulltime basis".

After numerous video conferences with the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), the Bavarian Ice Sports Association (BEV) as well as club representatives of the Oberliga and the Bayernliga, a mode was agreed upon in the night before Wednesday, which, according to Kurz, "makes participation in the Oberliga attractive again for smaller locations where semi-professional competitive sport is offered": 40 matches in the main round will be followed - as before - by an interlocking round with the best Bayernliga clubs.

"This makes the risk for us manageable," the club president explained at a press conference. "This means that the Oberliga is no longer the sporting and financial adventure that we rightly would not have gotten involved in." His warmest thanks also go to the main sponsor of the Riverkings, the 3C-Carbon Group AG. "With 3C, we are having an absolutely reliable and loyal partner at our side for years, who is giving us great support even in these difficult and eventful times. Otherwise a decision for the Oberliga would not have been possible at all."

As things stand, the Oberliga is scheduled to resume play at the end of September.

Fabio Carciola stays as coach of the Riverkings
Carciola remains HCL coach

After the early termination of the ice hockey season, Bayernligist HC Landsberg has nevertheless already made an important personnel decision: Fabio Carciola remains coach of the Riverkings.

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"He is convinced of our way to increasingly promote and integrate our own young talents", says HCL President Frank Kurz, "you can already see that from the way he integrated numerous young players into the first team last season". Carciola and the HCL-presidium quickly agreed in view of the team's achievements, and together they decided to extend the contract for the next season.

However, due to the current situation, it is not yet possible to predict when this season will start and how the leagues will be composed.

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