Riverkings go one better

Things haven't gone as well as they would have liked for HC Landsberg in the Ice Hockey Oberliga Süd lately, which is why those in charge have now reacted and signed two new players, Mathias Jeske and Dominic Erdt.

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The Riverkings were able to keep up with their opponents at times in the most recent games, but in the decisive moments it was always noticeable that the young squad lacked experience. That's why the HCL didn't hesitate for long when Mathias Jeske became available on the transfer market. The 29-year-old defender has already gained Oberliga experience in Peiting and also attracted attention with consistently good performances in Waldkraiburg and Erding. With a height of 1.96 metres and a fighting weight of 115 kilos, he should also have the physical presence that has been missing in Landsberg's defence lately.

Jeske will be joined by a familiar face for the Riverkings. The 20-year-old Dominic Erdt already played for the Landsberg junior team before moving to El Paso (USA), where he scored 87 points in 96 games in the Western State Hockey League. Due to the Corona pandemic, he was now unable to return to the USA after a home leave and will therefore strengthen his home club in Landsberg in the coming weeks.

Feigl reinforces the Riverkings

While two players leave HC Landsberg for different reasons, Marvin Feigl from ERC Ingolstadt is a promising young talent coming to the Lech.

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The 18-year-old Feigl is now collecting Oberliga playing practice in Landsberg. In Ingolstadt he is the top scorer of the DNL team and ranks seventh in the German league table. The young striker has also trained with the Ingolstadt DEL team. The transfer came about through the former EVL coach and current sports director in Ingolstadt, Larry Mitchell. HCL President Frank Kurz: "Marvin is a young, hungry striker who can skate very fast and shows the necessary bite to assert himself in the senior's area".

In contrast, Patrick Seifert's days with the Riverkings are already over. However, it was to be expected that he would leave the club sooner or later in the season. The 30-year-old defender, who had been signed on short notice, had never made a secret of the fact that his goal is DEL2 again - he has now been signed there. "He is still in his best ice hockey age and it was clear that his time with us would end sometime," says Vice President Gerhard Petrussek. "We are very grateful that he supported us in the first games in the Oberliga."

Middle striker Markus Kerber is taking an indefinite break. He has some highly vulnerable persons  in his immediate family circle and does not want to expose them to unnecessary risk. President Kurz fully understands this. "He did not make the decision easy for himself. His thoughtfulness fits the kind of person we appreciate in him, he is a very social and circumspect person. In human and sporting terms, the break is of course a pity, but there will also be a time after Corona."

HCL does well at the start

In his first preparatory game of the season, Oberliga team HC Landsberg made a respectable showing against EV Füssen. Only in the final section was the decision in favour of the favourite at 3:5.

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180 spectators were allowed in the Landsberg ice rink according to the current hygiene concept and they saw a furious start of the Riverkings. US newcomer Hayden Trupp served Adriano Carciola and after just under two minutes it was 1-0 for the hosts. A little later, Trupp scored the next point: He served Maximilian Rass, who increased the score to 2-0.

The guests from the Allgäu, last season's surprise team of the Oberliga Süd, did not lose their temper, however. Besl and former Landsberg player Vogl equalised in the middle third, before Krammer gave HCL another 3-2 lead in the final section. Towards the end of the game, the better-rehearsed routines and the effectiveness and experience of the guests prevailed. The outstanding players Krötz and Stauder turned the game around in favour of Füssen. However, the Landsberg officials were satisfied with their team's performance in the first game.

TSV Landsberg wins a point in Wasserburg

TSV Landsberg returned from their Bayernliga match in Wasserburg with a point that was not necessarily calculated. In the 1:1 (0:0) game at the fourth-placed hosts, coach Weiler's team performed well over long stretches.

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Landsberg, who had to do without Detmar and Schmeiser due to injury, gave the hosts a hard time right from the start and went into counter-pressing very early. The favourite had obvious difficulties with this and hardly had any opportunities at first. After two missed chances on each side, colour came into play in a different way shortly before the break: After losing the ball in midfield, Landsberg's Nikolic came in over-hard, which led Wasserburg's Knauer to an assault. After a brief consultation with the assistants, the referee sent both players off the field with red.

After the change of sides the focus was again on the sporting side. Salemovic served Mulas in Wasserburg's penalty area, who manoeuvred the ball into the goal for Landsberg's not undeserved lead (66.). Even though the hosts managed to equalise after a quick counterattack shortly before the end, Edgar Weiler was not dissatisfied with the score. "Not many teams get points in Wasserburg."

Riverkings take aboard Patrik Rypar

As probably the last new commitment HC Landsberg has signed Patrik Rypar. The 23-year-old striker comes from league rival Höchstadt, but also has DEL2 experience.

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Born in Fürth, Rypar has German and Czech citizenship. He passed through several junior teams of the EHC 80 Nürnberg, but was also trained for two years in the Czech Republic.

At the age of 18 he already played 50 DEL2 games for Bayreuth and then gained experience in the Oberliga in Weiden and Halle. As an attacker at the age of 20 he scored a total of 70 points for the Schweinfurt Mighty Dogs in the Bayernliga 2018/19 - some of them also against the HCL. In the cancelled last season, the left winger scored six goals and 11 assists for the new league rival Höchstadt Alligators.

Several well-known Oberliga clubs were interested in Rypar. The fact that he nevertheless chose the Riverkings was not least due to the fact that they were able to find him an apprenticeship in Landsberg very quickly. For HCL President Frank Kurz it is a win-win situation: "We want players who are talented and in sporting terms ambitious, but still don't lose sight of their professional future. Patrik fulfils exactly these requirements."

In the Oberliga season, which is scheduled to begin on October 16, Rypar will go on the ice with number 24 for the Riverkings.

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