HCL goalie Güßbacher (right) saved the victory
HCL turns the game shortly before the end

Despite a good performance in the derby in Buchloe, HC Landsberg came away with a 3-1 defeat. On the other hand, the Riverkings picked up three points at home thanks to a strong final spurt in a 4:3 win against Schweinfurt.

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The home side quickly took a 2:0 lead in the first period in Buchloe before Wagner scored for Landsbrg. After the first break, the Riverkings visibly increased the pressure, but failed to capitalise on good opportunities and hit the Buchloe post three times.

The home side then decided the game in a somewhat fortunate manner when Schorer hit the disc volley in the air in overtime to make it 3:1.

Two days later, luck was on Landsberg's side for once. Against a surprisingly strong last-placed team from Schweinfurt, they initially struggled considerably. Although they took the lead through Protcenko in the 6th minute, the visitors then stepped up and even took a 2:1 lead. The equaliser by HCL striker Grözinger was promptly replied to by Schweinfurt taking the lead again.
However, five strong final minutes were enough for Landsberg to keep the points at home after all. Stauder with a beautiful direct shot to make it 3:3 and captain Tobias Wedl with the 4:3 shortly before the end set the course for victory.

Lars Grözinger (blue Jersey)
HCL earns 6 points from the weekend

For the first time in the current season of the Ice Hockey Bayernliga HC Landsberg can celebrate a perfect weekend: they won both their home game against Schongau and in Amberg, taking six points from both games.

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Frantisek Wagner scored after just 46 seconds to make it 1:0 against Schongau, but that was the end of the hosts' momentum for the time being, as Schongau then piled on the pressure and had several good opportunities to equalise.

Instead, Stauder scored to make it 2:0 for Landsberg after a fine assist from Grözinger; after that, the almost 900 spectators were treated to an open exchange of blows in which both teams gave each other nothing. After goals from Mosler and Hegner in the final phase, the Riverkings retained the upper hand with 4:1.

The game in Amberg was even closer. After the home team took the lead, Landsberg initially turned the game around with goals from Grözinger and Heß, before conceding a 2:2 equaliser while double short-handed. It was then up to Florian Reicheneder to make it 3:2 for the Riverkings in the powerplay, which they ultimately managed to hold on to despite furious attacks from the home side.

Thanks to the two wins, HC Landsberg are currently in fifth place with 19 points.

3C-Carbon mourns the loss of Ludwig Horber

The 3C-Carbon Group mourns the loss of Ludwig Horber, who passed away unexpectedly on 29 October 2023.

Ludwig had been with us since 2015. As a trained electrical engineer, his exceptional reliability, his always thoughtful and pleasant manner and his genuine enthusiasm for the company's success story enabled him to develop into the Head of Facility and Energy Management.

We will miss his professional expertise, his leadership qualities and his interest in innovative solutions just as much as we will miss his personality, his sincere character, his loyalty, his friendliness and his patience.

These not exactly everyday characteristics will ensure that we never forget him. They make Ludwig an irretrievable loss not only for the 3C family, but also for society as a whole.

Our condolences go to his dear wife in their still so young marriage, his parents and the whole family as well as his friends in the fire brigade and all those whom he always stood by with his willingness to help.

In silent mourning, on behalf of all employees of 3C-Carbon Group AG, Landsberg am Lech,

Karsten Jerschke, CEO

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from left: Margit Däubler, Betina Ahmadyar (MGH), Christoph Kruse (3C-Carbon)
3C-Carbon once again donates a record sum to the multi-generation centre

3C-Carbon Group AG is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and is sharing the joy of its success with the Landsberg multi-generation house: the rapidly expanding group of companies in the field of development and production of high-tech fibre composite structures for automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and aerospace is donating a fabulous 33,333 euros to social projects.

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The AWO multi-generation centre (MGH) in Landsberg is delighted. For 13 years, the centre has been able to count on the generosity of the high-tech company from Landsberg. MGH director Betina Ahmadyar is nevertheless surprised, because the sum of 33,333 euros exceeds her wildest expectations: "We congratulate the 3C-Carbon Group AG from the bottom of our hearts and feel like a birthday boy ourselves!" Does she already have plans for how to use the money? The commitment to helping refugee women and children, which already plays a major role in the organisation, springs to mind. In view of the global situation, help in this area must not be allowed to diminish and is definitely needed.
Current challenges and cost increases, including the German government's austerity programme, have already made the team at the multi-generation centre think about how costs could be reduced. Now a load has been lifted. All projects are to be realised as planned next year. "And we will finally be able to thank our volunteers for their diverse voluntary work, send them an invitation or give them a bouquet of flowers," says Betina Ahmadyar happily.
After all, 30,000 such volunteer hours are put in every year: Volunteers pedal for rickshaw rides for senior citizens, reading mentors accompany first-time readers at primary schools and mentors support secondary school graduates. Young people help parents with childcare as babysitters and explain the use of digital devices to older people. Broken everyday items are given another chance at the Repair Café. The band and choir also make music and sing.
"Volunteer work must be recognised," says Karsten Jerschke, CEO of 3C-Carbon Group AG in Landsberg. He wants to strengthen the culture of recognition with the donation. The high-tech company believes in good social cohesion. The company location can also benefit from this.

TSV top of the table in Bayernliga Süd

Thanks to an outstanding 5:1 victory in Pipinsried, TSV Landsberg secured the fall championship in Football Bayernliga Süd ahead of schedule. Before the 17th matchday, they lead the table with four points ahead of Schwaben Augsburg.

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A difficult game was expected for Landsberg's renowned offense; after all, Pipinsried, which had been relegated to the Regionalliga, had only conceded ten goals in the entire season. But after just over four minutes, Cekic put Landsberg up 1:0.

After the equalizer for Pipinsried (12th), it was once again the hour of "goal machine" Nico Karger. With two goals before and one shortly after the break, he practically decided the game. Subsequently, Steffen Krautschneider also scored to make it 5:1. Karger (14) and Krautschneider (11) thus lead the scoring charts in the Bayernliga Süd.

In the standings, TSV Landsberg is in first place with 37 points, ahead of Schwaben Augsburg (33) and Heimstetten (32).

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