3C-Carbon Group mourns the death of Dieter Grieshaber

The 3C-Carbon Group AG mourns the loss of its long-time employee Dieter
Grieshaber. The responsible head chef of the group of companies was
was suddenly and far too early taken from our midst by an traffic accident without own fault.
The former Michelin-starred chef Dieter Grieshaber had cooked for the 3C employees for over ten years. His outstanding professional dedication and human warmth made him popular and appreciated in a very special way. 

The 3C-Carbon Group AG will always fondly remember Dieter Grieshaber, our
"Griesi", and will honour his memory. Our deepest sympathy to his family.

On behalf of all employees of 3C-Carbon Group AG, Landsberg am Lech,
Karsten Jerschke

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3C-Carbon invests massively in photovoltaics

3C-Carbon Group AG is continuously working on its climate footprint and has now taken another step forward: A total of 852 photovoltaic modules were recently installed and connected on three of the new production halls in the steadily growing Lechrain Technology Park.

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"Environmental protection and climate neutrality are two high priorities for 3C," emphasises Managing Director Karsten Jerschke. "As we continue to grow both organically and through acquisitions, we are consistently developing the company in these areas as well." In a first step, modules with a nominal output of 500 kWp are projected, of which 300 kWp are already installed and in operation. The company is using high-quality modules from German production.

By autumn, the 3C-Carbon Group will further increase the amount of electricity generated from photovoltaics. Modules with another 500 kWp will be installed on the new production halls currently under construction, so that by the end of the year solar use will be able to cover about one megawatt of peak power demand and thus reduce CO2 emissions by about 500 tonnes annually.

New career portal of 3C-Carbon Group AG is online

The 3C-Carbon Group AG continues to grow extraordinarily dynamically. This is not only reflected in the results and a constant expansion of the production areas; the high-tech company is also constantly recruiting new employees who share the philosophy of the industry leader in terms of motivation and aspiration and who want to help shape the continued success story in the future. Following the strong growth, 3C-Carbon Group AG has now also significantly expanded its previous online job offer and put it on a new footing.

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The new "career portal" at www.3c-carbon-group.com/de/karriere now presents itself in great functionality, clarity and interaction possibilities. There one will not only find the current job and training offers of several 3C companies, but also the possibility to download the job advertisements, to contact the company, to apply online and to send an unsolicited application.

3C-Carbon Group AG holds to the multi-generation house

Even in difficult times, 3C-Carbon Group AG once again shows a heart for local voluntary work and once again provides generous financial support for the AWO's multi-generation house (MGH) in Landsberg. The high-tech company is donating 20,000 euros, and the campaign is thus already celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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The meeting of the generations is actually the highest goal at the multi-generation house, but contact restrictions put a spanner in the works this year: older people were supposed to keep their distance, contacts with children and young people were considered questionable. "But especially in difficult times we have to stick together," said Karsten Jerschke, CEO of 3C-Carbon Group AG, and wished all volunteers a Merry Christmas with the donation to the MGH. He understands his financial injection as recognition and as motivation not to give up.

"Among the very important projects are our activities in the schools, such as the reading mentors at all primary schools in the district or the mentors in the secondary schools," explains Betina Ahmadyar, who took over the MGH management in spring. So far, not a day has gone by in the usual routine; hygiene measures accompany her everyday life at the MGH just as much as the many digital innovations. She was all the more pleased about the commitment of her esteemed partner from the business world, the 3C-Carbon Group AG in Landsberg. The group of companies is thus sticking to its long-standing cooperation with the AWO facility and is once again supporting the MGH with the sum of 20,000 euros, which was raised last year.

"The cohesion of society should be further strengthened!" is the message from 3C-Carbon Group AG again this year. The economy benefits from the good cooperation between the generations with many positive impulses for a good atmosphere of the 3C-Carbon location. MGH director Betina Ahmadyar reacted with relief and expressed her gratitude for the sustainable cooperation, which is an important part of her financial planning. Under the umbrella of the multigenerational house, around 150 citizens are involved in more than 20 projects.

3C-Carbon Group AG invests in state-of-the-art production technology

The 3C-Carbon Group AG from Landsberg am Lech continues to grow dynamically. In order to be able to adjust the production capacities in the Lechrain Technology Park accordingly, an additional autoclave has now been installed on the factory premises after a spectacular transport.

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At 3C-Carbon Group AG, a wide variety of components and parts made of carbon fibre reinforced carbon (CFRP/carbon) are produced in autoclaves for renowned high-tech companies. The new autoclave is one of the largest facilities at the headquarters of the 3C-Carbon Group.
The transport from the world's leading manufacturer of such plants, SCHOLZ Maschinenbau GmbH in Coesfeld, Westphalia, to the new destination in Landsberg am Lech was accordingly complex and spectacular. In two nights, the almost 15-metre long and 4-metre wide heavy transport was guided over 700 kilometres through the Federal Republic. Driving licences for transports of this type are usually only available at night and on Autobahnen. Driving on federal highways is only permitted with police escort.
On Friday at 6:40 a.m., the Landsberg police therefore took over the transport for the last 7.5 kilometres at the large roundabout in Landsberg West to the final destination, one of the ultra-modern 3C production halls in the Lechrain Technology Park. There, the enormous plant was brought into the hall with a 180-tonne truck-mounted crane in precision work lasting several hours.
The autoclave belongs to the most modern generation of these production facilities and forms a further building block in the dynamic growth of the 3C-Carbon Group AG. It is one of several current major investments in the technology park.

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