3C-Carbon Group AG takes over Medical Intelligence Medizintechnik GmbH

3C-Carbon Group AG has acquired the Medical Intelligence Medizintechnik GmbH, a subsidiary of the Swedish medical technology manufacturer Elekta AB, with effect from 1 May 2020.

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With the acquisition of Medical Intelligence Medizintechnik GmbH (MI), 3C-Carbon Group AG (3C) is taking over the German Product Supply Centre (PSC) of the globally active Elekta AB group into the existing 3C medical technology division. MI, based in Schwabmünchen (Bavaria), has been successfully operating since 1995, developing and producing special components for radiation oncology. MI achieves an annual turnover of about 40 million Euro in the business year 2019/2020 with a double-digit return on sales.
3C can look back on a long and successful cooperation with MI. Among other things, 3C is significantly involved in the development and production of CFRP components for the linac solutions of Elekta AB (Stockholm/Sweden). The high-tech carbon fibre components of the 3C-Carbon Group are considered as a recognized market reference. The development speed and quality as well as 3C's unrestricted premium claim will continue to guarantee the basis for a successful cooperation in the future.
Elekta has been a leader in medical precision irradiation for almost five decades. Its nearly 4,000 employees are committed to ensuring that people suffering from cancer worldwide have access to and benefit from more precise, personalized radiation therapies. With the transaction, 3C and Elekta simultaneously enter into a global supply and distribution agreement for MI's medical product portfolio.
The MI employees at the Schwabmünchen site will transfer with the company to 3C. The successful integration of the existing company and its workforce will thus consolidate and deepen the continued close partnership between Elekta and 3C.

Karsten Jerschke, Founder and CEO of 3C: "Our success is based on long-term relationships with our customers and an uncompromising commitment to product quality. Our partners in medical technology demand perfection. We will be able to meet this demand even better by welcoming the new colleagues from Elekta's MI business".
Maurits Wolleswinkel, President Linac Solutions Elekta: "Elekta and 3C are long-standing partners. 3C with its superior design and engineering capabilities is an important supplier for us. Now we are laying the foundation for an even stronger partnership in the future".


Further information about 3C-Carbon Group AG
The 3C-Carbon Group AG is a group of companies with its headquarters in Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria). The central focus is on the development, production and series-accompanying implementation of high-tech applications made of modern lightweight materials.
The now 13 individual companies operate in the expanded environment of modern lightweight construction in the automotive, motorcycle technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology and new mobility. In addition, the group has trading and catering activities at various locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The internationalisation of the company is constantly being pushed forward. Further representations are therefore to be established before the end of 2020, initially within Europe.


Further information about Elekta AB
Elekta is a globally operating medical technology company headquartered in Stockholm (Sweden) which primarily manufactures products for the field of radiation therapy. Elekta was founded in 1972 by the Swedish neurosurgeon Lars Leksell, and now generates annual sales of almost two billion euros with a total of around 4000 employees and numerous subsidiaries. Elekta is listed on the stock exchange in Stockholm.

Marlies Klocker from the Landsberger Tafel is happy about the Easter Bunnies
Sweet easter surprise for hospital and Landsberger Tafel

The 3C-Carbon Group AG has sweetened the Easter season a little with an "Easter bunny donation" for some needy, but also for the currently heavily burdened employees of the Landsberg hospital.

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100 shiny golden rabbits from a well-known brand manufacturer were given to the care managers of the emergency room, who divided the rabbits between the staff on duty at the hospital and the corona infection outpatient clinic. Hospital spokeswoman Regina Miller immediately thanked 3C via the social media: "Such a beautiful gesture that will certainly sweeten the holiday service!"
A short time later, a few Landsbergers in need also came to enjoy the noble chocolate bunnies. Marlies Klocker, manager of the Landsberger Tafel, accepted two boxes with over 60 pieces from the 3C-Carbon Group AG. "Thank you very much", said Klocker, "especially in times like these we are very happy about such donations". Due to current contact restrictions, the rabbits have been included in the standardized food packages that are currently being distributed to recipients by Red Cross employees. 3C board member Karsten Jerschke was pleased that his donation was so well received, "it is a small gesture of attention and appreciation at Easter for some who are currently under excessive strain and people who are not on the sunny side of life anyway."

3C Carbon Group once again increases its support für Landsberg's multi-generation house

Also this year the 3C-Carbon Group AG supports the multi-generation house of the Landsberg AWO with a donation, in total already in the ninth year. Compared to the previous years, this time the sum was even increased to 20,000 Euros.

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"Landsberg must remain a location worth living in," stressed Karsten Jerschke, head of the 3C-Carbon Group, people should be able to actively shape their coexistence. This year, the 3C Group provided 20,000 euros to support the voluntary work in the multigenerational house.

From a functioning cooperation benefits not least the economy, which must attract and retain skilled workers. "Particularly as a company that continues to grow and will continue to grow strongly against the clearly emerging recessionary trend, we are aware of the importance of social work in society," says Jerschke. "This is one of the reasons why we have once again intensified our commitment to the multi-generational house".

Margit Däubler, head of the multi-generational house, thanked for the trust and the continued support. "Without such sponsors, the honorary office with its diverse activities would be unthinkable," she said in view of the narrow budget. "Such an increase is naturally like a Christmas present for us."

Under the umbrella of the AWO, 25 projects with almost 150 voluntary helpers are being implemented in the multigenerational house. Some activities such as the storytelling café, the choir in the AWO centre or the repair café in the youth centre celebrated a round birthday this year. 3C-CEO Jerschke congratulated and was also pleased that the Intercultural Women's Meeting Place has continued to grow and that mothers with an immigrant background are increasingly gaining a foothold in professional life. "If people with a history of flight learn German every day with dedicated godparents, the direction of their commitment is right," he noted.

Donation for Johanniter Dog Relay Team

The 3C-Carbon Group supports the voluntary rescue work on site and assists the rescue dog squadron of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Landsberg with a donation and the provision of local logistics.

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The 3C-Carbon Group AG, which has rented a small area at its headquarters in the constantly growing technology park Lechrain, spontaneously jumped into the breach when the dog team needed a suitable area for a big test and offered the team leader Melanie Siefener and the teams, who came from all over Germany, to use parts of the company's premises for this purpose.

Afterwards, Karsten Jerschke, member of the board of directors, decided to support the work of Johanniter with a donation and wrote a cheque for 1000 Euros. "During the audit, I was able to experience the work of the rescue dog team with my own eyes, and I was deeply impressed," said the company director.

"The support of 3C-Carbon is incredibly important and a great help for us to continue to lead the relay successfully", said Melanie Siefener.

The rescue dog relay consists of volunteer members who train the dogs in their free time, complete tests and missions, "a very intensive and time-consuming activity", said Siefener, but often there is no other way to locate and rescue missing persons.

3C-Carbon Group wishes Merry Christmas and a good start into a brilliant year 2020!
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