HCL missing 2.8 seconds to the surprise

Against the undefeated leader from Passau, HC Landsberg could not reward themselves for a respectable performance and lost in the final seconds. Two days later they took indemnity for this in the canting victory in Grafing against EHC Klostersee.

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With a lot of effort, self-sacrificing duel behaviour and good playful solutions, also due to the U20 players used, the Riverkings demanded everything from the Passau Black Hawks (four wins from four games in the intermediate round) in the home game in front of almost 1000 spectators. Reuter and Sturm gave the hosts a 2-0 lead with two beautifully-played goals. The visitors from Lower Bavaria used two overtime games to equalise, but once again Sturm with a piece of skill  scored immediately to make it 3-2. After Passau's goal for 3-3, everything looked to be already after the first point loss of the Blackhawks and extra time, when the puck fell in front of Passau's former DEL player Gawlik who netted 2.8 seconds before the end to the happy winner for the visitors.

The Riverkings then showed in Grafing that they were not to be thrown back by this bitter defeat. In the away game against EHC Klostersee, there was no doubt right from the start as to who would take the points that evening and they put the hosts under a lot of pressure. At first this was only countable in the 1-0 by Adriano Carciola, but with 5 goals between the 30th and 40th minute they showed impressively the scorer qualities. All in all, 7 different Landsberg players entered the scorer list in the clear 8:2 victory.

Goals for Landsberg against Passau: Sturm (2), Reuter

Goals for Landsberg in Grafing: A. Carciola (2), Reicheneder, Rass, Sturm, Charvat, Jänichen, Krammer.

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is the exclusive main sponsor of the HC Landsberg Riverkings.

HCL celebrates a blowout victory

After the defeat against Oberliga club Sonthofen, HC Landsberg surprisingly won 8:0 in Waldkraiburg to take the first three points in the intermediate round between the Ice Hockey Bayernliga and the Oberliga.

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It had already become clear two weeks earlier that one would not be without a chance in Waldkraiburg. In the main round, Landsberg won 5-1 with one of the best performances of the season, but the fact that the match this time was practically decided after half an hour came as a surprise.

Reicheneder on pass of Machacek opened the scoring after only four minutes, after that Schwarzfischer (again assisted by Machacek), two times Sturm and Markus Kerber even with one player less were in the scoring list.

Waldkraiburg took his time out after the 5-0 and changed the goalkeeper, the Riverkings brought more young players from then on, but little changed in the direction of the game. Michael Fischer, again Kerber and Adriano Carciola made the final score.

In the previous game the HCL had to acknowledge the superiority of the ERC Sonthofen Bulls. In front of almost 1100 spectators in the Landsberg ice rink, the game against the Oberliga team was surprisingly open until 2:2, but towards the end the mostly faster and more serene guests from the Allgäu prevailed. At the score of 2:5, coach Fabio Carciola took goalkeeper Güßbacher off the ice four minutes before the end in favour of a sixth player - which allowed the Riverkings to score one more goal, but Sonthofen two. The final score of 3:7 was nevertheless a little too high in view of the performance shown.

Goals for Landsberg against Sonthofen: Menge, Reicheneder, Machacek

Goals for Landsberg in Waldkraiburg: Sturm (2), M. Kerber (2), M. Fischer, Schwarzfischer, Reicheneder, A. Carciola

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is the exclusive main sponsor of the HC Landsberg.

3C Carbon Group once again increases its support für Landsberg's multi-generation house

Also this year the 3C-Carbon Group AG supports the multi-generation house of the Landsberg AWO with a donation, in total already in the ninth year. Compared to the previous years, this time the sum was even increased to 20,000 Euros.

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"Landsberg must remain a location worth living in," stressed Karsten Jerschke, head of the 3C-Carbon Group, people should be able to actively shape their coexistence. This year, the 3C Group provided 20,000 euros to support the voluntary work in the multigenerational house.

From a functioning cooperation benefits not least the economy, which must attract and retain skilled workers. "Particularly as a company that continues to grow and will continue to grow strongly against the clearly emerging recessionary trend, we are aware of the importance of social work in society," says Jerschke. "This is one of the reasons why we have once again intensified our commitment to the multi-generational house".

Margit Däubler, head of the multi-generational house, thanked for the trust and the continued support. "Without such sponsors, the honorary office with its diverse activities would be unthinkable," she said in view of the narrow budget. "Such an increase is naturally like a Christmas present for us."

Under the umbrella of the AWO, 25 projects with almost 150 voluntary helpers are being implemented in the multigenerational house. Some activities such as the storytelling café, the choir in the AWO centre or the repair café in the youth centre celebrated a round birthday this year. 3C-CEO Jerschke congratulated and was also pleased that the Intercultural Women's Meeting Place has continued to grow and that mothers with an immigrant background are increasingly gaining a foothold in professional life. "If people with a history of flight learn German every day with dedicated godparents, the direction of their commitment is right," he noted.

HCL qualifies for the intermediate round

With a strong final spurt, HC Landsberg qualified for the intermediate round with clubs of the Bavarian Ice Hockey League and the Oberliga. After the 5:4 victory against Peißenberg, the team finished the main round in a strong 5th place.

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The Riverkings had long feared for their place in the intermediate round after a number of successive defeats, but in the final games, coach Fabio Carciola's pre-season rejuvenated squad made another big leap forward. The surprising 4-1 win over leaders Miesbach was followed by a 5-4 victory against Schweinfurt and a superb 5-1 in Waldkraiburg. Peißenberg would have needed a win with at least seven goals difference in the last game in Landsberg to pass the HCL.

However, the hosts did not do the "Eishackler" this favour in the derby. After a 4-0 lead in the meantime, the Landsbergers struggled once again and had to let the ECP come closer until 4-4. But even before extra time, (when a counter-attack by Michi Fischer scored the winning goal 5-4) it was clear that nothing could go wrong with their participation in the intermediate round. The almost 1400 spectators in the Landsberg ice rink not only meant the best attendance of the season so far; the Riverkings also lead the spectator table of the Bayernliga by a clear margin.

In the intermediate round, the six best Bayernliga clubs an the Oberliga clubs in 11th and 12th place play out the pairings for the subsequent play-offs. However, the qualification for this round already ensures now that HC Landsberg will remain in the league in the next season.

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is the exclusive main sponsor of HC Landsberg.

Donation for Johanniter Dog Relay Team

The 3C-Carbon Group supports the voluntary rescue work on site and assists the rescue dog squadron of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Landsberg with a donation and the provision of local logistics.

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The 3C-Carbon Group AG, which has rented a small area at its headquarters in the constantly growing technology park Lechrain, spontaneously jumped into the breach when the dog team needed a suitable area for a big test and offered the team leader Melanie Siefener and the teams, who came from all over Germany, to use parts of the company's premises for this purpose.

Afterwards, Karsten Jerschke, member of the board of directors, decided to support the work of Johanniter with a donation and wrote a cheque for 1000 Euros. "During the audit, I was able to experience the work of the rescue dog team with my own eyes, and I was deeply impressed," said the company director.

"The support of 3C-Carbon is incredibly important and a great help for us to continue to lead the relay successfully", said Melanie Siefener.

The rescue dog relay consists of volunteer members who train the dogs in their free time, complete tests and missions, "a very intensive and time-consuming activity", said Siefener, but often there is no other way to locate and rescue missing persons.

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