New 3C flags with the TSV club flag
New flags at the 3C-Sportpark

Representative and visible from afar are the new flags of the 3C-Carbon-Group, which have now been installed in the 3C-Sportpark of TSV Landsberg 1882.

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Like the TSV club flag, which continues to flutter in the middle at the edge of the main stand, the new 3C flags have the stately dimensions of 6 x 1.5 metres. As a further sign of the sponsoring partnership between 3C-Group AG and TSV Landsberg, they will be hoisted at all matches of the 1st and 2nd football teams in the future.

Transfer coup at TSV Landsberg thanks to 3C-Carbon

Thanks to the support of 3C-Carbon Group AG, TSV Landsberg was able to land a transfer coup of the first order. After the main sponsor had released additional financial resources in a considerable amount, the Bayernliga club signed cult striker Sascha Mölders for the coming season. He will be a player-coach in the 2022/23 season.

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"Sascha Mölders has already signed with us for the 2022/23 season," says Basti Gilg, head of football department at the Bayernliga club. "Together with our sporting director Jürgen Meissner, we have been in talks for quite some time and are of course delighted that it has now worked out."

The concept Mölders presented "fits us super", Meissner said. "It should bring us forward significantly in one fell swoop, and not just in attack. And for every football fan in the region, it's a great thing to be able to see such a top-class player in Landsberg. We were in constant contact. TSV can now look forward to a very strong coaching team with Mike Hutterer and Sascha Mölders."

Mölders himself says about the change: "It was clear that Großaspach is only a stopover for me and that I want to be close to home and regional again. With TSV Landsberg, the perfect opportunity has arisen." However, the striker is not only switching to TSV because of the close proximity to his home in Mering. "Landsberg has a concept that I like. Something is to be created here in the long term, and I would like to play my part. I think that with my many years of experience, also from higher leagues, I can definitely help, even with my 37 years."

The signing was ultimately made possible by TSV's main sponsor, 3C-Carbon Group AG. "We see the excellent networking and solid work of the sporting management at our sponsoring partner," said 3C boss Karsten Jerschke. "In order to take TSV Landsberg further on its chosen path and certainly to significantly strengthen the team with Sascha Mölders once again, we have gladly agreed to help with a considerable additional sum."
Head of department Gilg appreciates this: "We know very well what we have in our long-standing partner 3C-Carbon. The type and extent of the support that we have once again received quickly and unbureaucratically is anything but a matter of course. We are grateful for this and very confident that we will be able to give something back accordingly with attractive and successful games."

The qualities of centre-forward Sascha Mölders should be well known to every football fan. Born in Essen, Mölders made his mark in the history books as the scorer of FC Augsburg's first goal in the Bundesliga. After 103 Bundesliga games, in which he scored 18 goals and provided 3 assists, he moved to TSV 1860 Munich, where he also became a "cult striker" and fan favourite in six years thanks to his outstanding fighting commitment. Mölders played 528 games (222 goals, 67 assists) in his long career in all leagues. He is currently with Großaspach in the Regionalliga Südwest and has already scored 5 goals in 9 appearances there.
Mölders, who has already held various positions as a coach in the youth and senior teams (including at his home in Mering) alongside his professional career since 2014, is expected to bring along his long-time companion Martin Weiderer as a co-coach, who will coach from the sidelines during matches.
The signing of the illustrious name was made in close consultation with Mike Hutterer, who is to remain the responsible player-coach. Mölders is already in regular contact with him and has already introduced himself to the team in the dressing room. He has also taken the time to pay a first visit to the headquarters of the 3C-Carbon Group AG in Landsberg.

3C-Carbon makes generous donation to HCL youngsters

The Corona crisis has hit sports clubs hard, and HC Landsberg was not spared. In this difficult situation, 3C-Carbon Group AG stepped in again as the main sponsor and helped the Riverkings through the difficult time with a generous donation for the young talents.

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Due to the extensive spectator restrictions also in the ice hockey top league, the club lost a large part of its ticket revenue. "However, we finance our youth work to a considerable extent with this income," said HCL President Frank Kurz. In addition, the club faced considerably higher costs than in previous years due to the protection, hygiene and testing measures, both in the senior and junior sections.

The situation was also aggravated by the fact that it is not yet known when and to what extent aid money will be paid from which state rescue and funding pots. To make it easier for the club to continue its work, 3C-Carbon Group AG stepped into the breach at short notice as the Riverkings' exclusive main sponsor. The high-tech group of companies now supported the HCL with a donation in the five-figure euro range. "We know what excellent work is being done in the youth sector in Landsberg. The club has established itself here among the top clubs in Bavaria. In addition to sporting values, social and personal values are also conveyed here, which we also stand for with our company," said company spokesman Christoph Kruse. "This is another reason why we are now happy to provide additional support at the Landsberg site."

3C Carbon Group is now a DEB partner

The 3C-Carbon Group AG is expanding its sponsoring activities with a prominent partner: With immediate effect, the Landsberg-based high-tech company is an "Official Partner of the German Ice Hockey Federation" (DEB) as well as an "Official Partner of the DEB Referees". The new appearance will be seen for the first time by the general public as early as the Ice Hockey Deutschland-Cup in Krefeld and the women's Olympic qualifier in Füssen next weekend.

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The sponsoring presence of 3C-Carbon Group AG can be seen on all jerseys of the DEB referees. This means that the group of companies is not only present at all appearances of the DEB national teams (men's, women's, junior) in Germany, but also at the games of the Oberliga Süd and Oberliga Nord, in the women's Bundesliga and in the junior leagues. In total, the brand is represented by 96 referees on every match day for a total of 1200 matches per season.

Karsten Jerschke, CEO of 3C-Carbon Group AG: "Winning the German Ice Hockey Federation, one of Germany's largest sports associations, as a partner at this point is not only an attractive opportunity to present our company, which continues to grow dynamically, to a broader public. We are particularly pleased that this new commitment will also benefit young talent and the grassroots in particular. We see from our long-standing local commitment in Landsberg am Lech how important this is for sport and society."

Andrea Baader, Head of Marketing and Sponsorship at the DEB: "We are all very pleased that our referees have a new partner at their side. The quick and uncomplicated decision on the part of 3C-Carbon makes us proud. Even the referees don't have long to think about making a good decision during the match. Thus a perfect match and the foundation for a strong partnership."

3C-Carbon Group AG has been the exclusive main sponsor of HC Landsberg and TSV Landsberg to an increasing extent for years. In addition, 3C is also involved on a long-term basis with the Landsberg multi-generation house run by the AWO and other social and community projects.
The Germany Cup matches will be broadcast from 11 November to 14 November on Sport 1 and Magenta TV (free TV).

3C-Carbon Group continues to expand sponsorship

3C-Carbon Group AG from Landsberg am Lech continues to expand its sponsorship of Landsberg sports clubs. At TSV Landsberg 1882's 3C-Sportpark, the high-tech company has now also taken over the entire advertising space on the outside and inside of the main stand. This was accompanied by another significant increase in the annual budget.

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Since becoming the main sponsor of TSV Landsberg, 3C-Carbon Group AG has repeatedly increased the scope of its support, be it through premiums, the exclusive pylon in the entrance area or the prestigious scoreboard. After several trusting preliminary discussions between the club and the company, the latter now took the opportunity to take over the advertising space, which measures around twice 400 square metres, and to completely redesign it in the 3C look. The extensive work has already been completed.
In agreement with the club, this commitment is again planned for several years.
"We are consistently pursuing the path of not only seeing our commitment in the long term, but also successively expanding it," says 3C boss Karsten Jerschke. "In my opinion, the very successful redesign of the grandstand is a good opportunity for us to present ourselves as a company and at the same time support the club to an even greater extent."

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